You may feel alone. Your nature fails to compute with doctrine echoed by schools built by those impressed with their own farts. In a downpour where everyone else in comfortable under an umbrella. No store or peddler in sight you wonder how they all prepared so well as you drip skin juice on the blacktop. This is really just a fleeting mystery to me and unusual in its import.  Ignore yourself.

I come to you from a Red Sky Society where foundation itself seems crippled by your nature. A red sky means violence. A red sky means that something is going to happen, whether you like it or not. For those who prefer the former, we welcome you to the Red Sky Society.  

I don’t know why she won’t stop talking and let me write. Again I crush my will to remain engaged in vital things like breathing and smiling. On and on under the tendrils of a deepening red sky. On and on into a future that doesn’t matter.





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